About Us

About Us

We, R. MetrAb Co. Ltd.  ( is called MetrAb),  are located in Tehran , Iran  and were established  officially in 2016. 

MetrAb is a manufacturer of water meter, brass and plastic spare parts and components and also offering metering solutions for water measuring applications.  MetrAb has been specialized in supplying water meters to public water utilities and residential complexes sub metering. 

Our primary objective is customers’ satisfaction through the pursuit of quality in designing and manufacturing of our products. Our wide range of water meters MADE IN IRAN includes namely:

-Single jet water meters,

-Multi jet water meters (Dry type and Liquid sealed type)

– Volumetric piston type meter (Dry and liquid sealed type)

-Woltmann helical vane meters (Horizontal and Vertical)

-Ultrasonic, LCD display and electromagnetic water meter meters,

– Irrigation meters, Industrial and commercial purpose water meter

-Remote reading systems.( AMR, IMR, IoT)

 All above mentioned are pre- set optionally for AMR systems as customers’ demand and request.

Certification of its Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001, was achieved in May, 2017 and alongside the company started to adapt itself to get in conformity with Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001, for the design and manufacturing of water meters through the processes of assembly, testing and packaging.

MetrAb is determined to achieve the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2014/32/EU, also known as EN 14154- OIML R49 as well as ISO-4064 approvals for in 2017 for main its products.

The approvals of all testing equipment’s (testing benches for pressure calibration, and wearing enduring test) for single, multi jet and Woltmann meters, given by the local officials, allows the  meters to be approved  according to Locally certified calibration laboratories.

MetrAb , as manufacturer, ensure the quality of each component in contact with water, according to the, also known as  Drinking Water Directive  ( BS  6920, BS DD 201  ,ISIRI 1053) that was converted about water suitability for human consumption.

Production (molding of plastic and brass machining, assembly and hydraulic tests) is entirely carried out in well-engineered   calibration test shop, using modern assembly and control equipment to ensure the highest standards of quality.